Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 24, 2014
Part of Summers at the Lake on my design wall--

Summers at the Lake
Nothing much done, they're still aging!  See everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

Do you carry a notebook with you?  Something to write on, lists, jot notes?  Usually its a small legal pad, but being carried in my purse is hard on it, the pages get all rumpled and raggy.  While at Staples the other day I saw a cardboard cover on one.  Perfect, except it was, well cardboard!  That wouldn't last long in my purse.  So I decided to make one.  Have I told you how I HATE fiddly projects?  But after trial and error, lots of frog stitching and one being tossed I had this--

There are lots of notebook cover tutorials online. But a legal pad slips in from the top and a bit of modification was needed.  I put a pocket inside to hold coupons, pens, receipts.  Very stiff iron on interfacing was fused inside.  A hair elastic with a button secures it shut.  And of course its beautiful, its GREEN!!!   I offered to make Ken one, but he just smiled and "no thank you".  I said I could make it in blue or black or some other manly color!  I like it being bright and eye catching, maybe I can keep track of it. 

Weekly Goals--
  1. Load and quilt another top
  2. Make binding for Diamond 4 Patches
  3. Setting triangles for Summers at the Lake, sew some rows together
  4. Sew binding to red/black/white quilt--I hate sewing on black, I've been procrastinating  
That will keep me busy this week.  I'm still thinking about spring--only 49 days until April 15th.  I'm SO READY for spring!


Kathie said...

I like Summer at the Lake, it is going to be very pretty.

the little notebook is great, I dont think I would have the patience to do something like that. That is why I buy quilted handbags and don't make

Nancy said...

Lovely projects!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Summers at the Lake is a very good name for your quilt, so appropriate for you. It looks complicated but I can see that it's really very easy. I agree with you about sewing on black...or any dark color for that matter...these old eyes aren't what they used to be!

Snowing here today. Will Winter ever be over?

Judy in Michigan said...

Your Summer quilt is beautiful but it will be hard to quilt with black. Also, your notebook cover is great - I have the same little legal pad problems - good idea!!

Rose said...

I just found your blog at Patchwork Times. I'm so glad I did. You do beautiful work and I love your Summers at the Lake quilt. Thanks for the deconstructed picture of the quilt, it looks harder than it actually is. I also happen to live in Omaha, NE which isn't far from your neck of the woods.

Nann said...

I recognize Summers at the Lake! It's one that I have marked with a post-it but have yet to make. (When was that book published?!)

Thanks for the notebook cover tutorial!

Mary-Kay said...

I love your Summer At The Lake quilt. Scrappy but not. Before you make Ken a note book cover, you need to make him something to carry it in. Maybe that's what he really wants.

Unknown said...

Love your summers at the lake, it is a beautiful quilt. Your notebook tutorial is great. Thanks.

Vic in NH said...

Summers at the Lake is looking marvelously scrappy! My monitor is not sure if it is black or navy for the background; I say it's the blue, right?
Zero degrees here and my semi-heated Quilt Cave in the cellar is "chilly!" So I am sewing with a hat on, LOL!