Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 9, 2015
Saturday was spent sewing with Lorri2Rs at the June E Nylen Cancer Center Quiltin' Bee fundraiser.  I did lots of socializing and some sewing.  I added the blue strips to 90 blocks I've been working on.

These blocks are now ready to go on the wall.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Monday is when I set weekly goals.  Let's see how last week's goals did.

Quilt blue Jacob's Ladder
Finish hand sewing binding on QOVe
Make and sew binding on HoneySweet Pinwheels--binding made
Binding for Summer Nites at the Lake
Binding for Chedder Delight
Sew on 5" challenge
Finish piecing columns on Tangerine 30's

I sewed like crazy but think I overestimated my abilities!

This week's goals--

Make binding for Blue Jacob's Ladder
Load/quilt another top
Sew binding on Honey Sweet Pinwheels
Binding for Summer Nites at the Lake
Binding for Cheddar Delight
Backing for Birds in Air
Backing for Summer Nites at the Lake
Sew on 5" challenge
Finish piecing on Tangerine 30's

Another ambitious list.

On the way home from Iowa I stopped to visit the grandsons.  I do not like "fiddly" sewing projects.  I HATE to make bags but Lorri2Rs helped me make little "snap" bags.  The Sew Day had four demonstrations and these bags were one of them.  They also gave everyone a kit for each project they demoed.  I made little Valentine Day bags for the boys and stopped at the Dollar Store for fun things to put in them.
Asher with bag and frog

Asher is fascinated with tiny soft plastic lizards/frogs.  I told Mason and Asher I made them bags for Valentine's Day because I love them, explaining about Valentine's Day/love/gifts.  Told Asher (who is always losing his lizards and is heartbroken) that his bag is a "lizard house" and he can keep his lizards in it.  He carried his bag around with him all evening.  Remember the balloons with the rubber band handles that you "punch"?  Found them at the Dollar Store--they lasted all evening so for $.50 they were a bargain.  

Mason with Punching balloon
The weather is dreary and overcast, but warmer.  I am counting the days down until spring!


Susan said...

Oh what fun........ Looked up snap bags on pinterest and printed the pattern........ Now to get the tapes from the Dollar Store....