Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, March 1, 2015
New numbers--

Stash in this week--11 yds
Stash in YTD--75 yds
Stash out this week--0 yds
Stash out YTD--44.5 yds

Stash is ahead 30.5 yds

I bought 11 yards of wide white fabric to dye for backing.  The Birds in Air quilt is on the hand sewing pile and I loaded another top--


Summer Nites at the Lake is being quilted.  I hope by Sunday night it will be done.  Please see everyone's stash report at Patchwork Times.

And in all the chaos I have planned two new starts.  A niece is having a baby and Ken suggested I make TWO baby blankets and have one on hand, just in case.  Good idea!  But, no Mojo (as he's a Snowbird in Houston) and I just didn't have any idea what to make.  I was reading Alycia's Wednesday QOV post and saw a quilt made by Linda--Quiltin' Library Lady.  I KNOW Linda so fired off an email inquiring about the pattern.  WOOHOO!!  She used the Missouri Star disappearing hourglass block.  I will use my 30's fabrics.  Rats.  No solid background except for PINK or BLUE.  Grumble Grumble Whine.  Liz suggested "dye some white fabric YELLOW"!!  The background is ready, all I have to do it cut my fabrics.  This project can travel with me to work on during "grandma duty".  My selection of 30's is slim--all the smaller pieces are gone but Liz is sending me some squares for my project.   Thank you Liz!!  


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I really like the quilt on your machine. Such a great use of scraps, great looking, but simple blocks. I'll have to "lift" that picture for inspiration.

We babysat the twins yesterday, and believe me, there wouldn't be much sewing time with them around. They're cute and adorable, but such busy little people and they like Grandma & Grandpa to play WITH them. :)

Kalicocreations said...

Pretty quilt! It won't be long until you get that backing used.

Katie Z. said...

I love the quilt on the frame!