Catching up

Thursday, April 30, 2015
A little catching up here.  Pat and Randy were visiting us and left Tuesday morning for Idaho.  We are going to MISS them!  Lots of laughter, shopping, and card playing during their visit.  I was worried it might still be chilly in Idaho and gifted Pat a quilt--

Safe travels Pat and Randy!

Pat and I did a little sewing one day.  We made bags--

Pat chose the pink flowers and I the loud paisley.  I used mine the next day when we were shopping.  There are six pockets on the outside of the bag.  We used this tutorial--

We made our bags 4 inches deeper and longer straps plus a little wider.  Its an easy pattern and I see more of these bags being made.  

Remember I said I had a full load when I went for grandma duty?  I took a picture of the back of the pickup before I left for home.  My recliner, bike,  and lamp aren't in there.  Ken brought the car and I packed that full also.  

Oh dear, I didn't pack my own toilet paper, that is some I bought to bring home!  
Tuesday was pretty depressing after Pat and Randy left and I moped around.  Took a nap.  Decided that was enough pity party and went to the sewing cave. What do I do when I need cheering up?  I played in the scraps!  Another Rainbow Scrappy purple block!  Then Ken wandered over and asked if I could please patch his favorite jeans, the ones that fit perfect and are comfortable?  I still felt like sewing after that and worked on cornerstones for my Two Lips quilt.  It may get done this year.  

Lots of online discussion on missing Mojos and the possible reasons WHY Mojo leaves.  We think its because Mojo loves "shiny new objects" and us without Mojo have been busy finishing UFOs.  (Hey, sounds reasonable to me!)  I have some new modern bag fabric and liberated some jelly rolls strips--I held them up doing a "Mojo calling dance", rather like calling hogs.  Ken is sure the neighbors were watching.  In my quest to locate those jelly rolls I also found--more 30's blocks!  83 Broken Dishes blocks!

I am study a different setting for them, I'll show you on my next post.  

New numbers for my stash report, I finished the Brown Pyramids--

and I've bought fabric.  Even punched buttons today, something I rarely do. 

The weather has warmed up and its time to pack the camper.  Ken has been doing farmer type things.  The fruit trees has blossoming and grass has greened up.  I love the smell of fresh turned earth.  Do you have a favorite spring smell?



Sara said...

Lilacs - that is my favorite spring smell. And yesterday was a glorious spring day wasn't it?

Your paisley bag is really pretty. Having it extra deep was probably a smart decision.

It's always interesting to hear that other people also have trouble finding their mojo at times. Your theory about focusing on finishes rather than exciting new projects is probably hitting the target for me. I NEED to play with something new fairly often. And that is probably also why there are so many UFOs in my sewing room.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Wow, I was thinking, "She took her own toilet paper!" But it turned out you didn't. :)

Just during this past week I'm getting my sewing mojo back. It took off when I caught that lousy cold the week before Easter. Spent about 2 1/2 hrs. Tuesday sewing scrappy squares together that will become 4-patches. Also got the top of a table runner put together as an example for quilt group.

Camper time! Summer must be coming.

Tired Teacher said...

Spring smells - lilacs, freshly plowed soil, and distant rain.

Love the quilt you gave Pat & Randy as well as the bags you made.

Terri said...

Freshly cut grass.... that is the best!
Your friends must be reallllly special. That is a strikingly beautiful quilt, an amazing gift.
Love the bags. That's a fun project to do together. You won't use yours without thinking of her.

Jay in Nebraska said...

Oh...I love those broken dishes. But then again, 30's fabric is my soft spot.

Kalicocreations said...

I loved the projects that you showed!

Indecision seems to kill my mojo! I think that my mojo leaves after I finish a flimsy and do not have anything else ready to work on. It does not have to be a new project for me but it does have to be decided on before I finish.

Fresh cut grass.