Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 22, 2015
Another R/W/B album block--

There are stars and flags in there.  The red stars bled while I was pressing the fabric, but I rinsed it several times and it quit, probably just excess dye.  The handsome gentleman holding the block is Dave Becker--Operations Project Manager at Gavins Point Project.  Dave is one of the people who make volunteering fun.  

Volunteers are a valuable resource for many places.  I've been volunteering at Gavins Point for 10 years.  There is a national website with opportunities all over the United States.  Many local opportunities exist, just ask.  

Weekly Goals--

Album Blocks
Monkey Wrench blocks
Missouri Star Disappearing Pinwheel blocks
Liz's Squared

The week looks pretty busy but I hope to squeeze in some sewing time.  Since I have limited room I stick mainly to piecing in the camper.  Although clutter doesn't bother me, I am OCD!  After making the album blocks I had to organize my box of 2.5" squares.  Yes, its the size of a large shoebox.  Enough squares to make at least 1-2 quilts.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Let me lose misplace something and I go crazy!  Yesterday I lost misplaced the scooter keys.  There is only ONE key for the ignition.  (I am having a hard time finding a key place that has that blank).  I searched for 2 hours.  My garbage went to the dumpster two days ago.  Yes, I went and dug it out of the dumpster and searched it.  Don't ask!  But no keys were in the trash.  I had given up the search and planned to spend $$$ getting a new ignition/key made.  As I wandered my campsite lamenting the loss of the keys I spied them on the picnic table under some flower pots.  YIPPEE!!  The Corps gives away keychains (floating ones for boaters) that I am putting the scooter keys on.  Hopefully they will be easier to keep track of.

Have a great week!!



straythreads said...

Your block looks great as does the guy holding it. your lost key story made me laugh haven't we all done that. I was looking for something in my sewing room yesterday and never did find it and now I can't remember what I was looking for so I guess I can go on with my life.

Sara said...

I'm going to play with a couple of these blocks this week myself. Hadn't tried them yet but they turn out so cute.

Glad you found your keys!!

Tired Teacher said...

Another attractive block!

Glad you found your key. The new fob will definitely be easier to spot.