Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Saturday we had a sudden downpour.  2.50" of rain in half an hour.  The Visitor Center's unique building looks very nice, but has some design flaws.  The rain downspouts are inside the walls.  This is what happened when one of them was clogged--
flood2.mp4 from Lori Haase on Vimeo.
vc flood

Luckily the quick response of Cecely, Neil, and Dani contained the flooding to one area.  They removed the Bald Eagle, a Great Horned Owl, a Kerstrel, and a Wood Duck that were mounted on the wall.  All of them (the rangers) were soaked!  Thank you Cecely, Neil, and Dani.  Servicemaster was called and by Sunday most was back to normal.  



Tired Teacher said...

For some reason the photo doesn't load for me, but from your description, I can imagine the mess.

Sara said...

What a mess! Good thing it was discovered fairly quickly so the damage was minimized.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Ah, the sound of rain INSIDE the visitor's center...not something you want to hear. Allen said they were camped at the Chief White Crane campground when the downpour happened. Some poor tent campers near them wound up in the center of a pond about knee deep. He was glad for a hard roof over his head. The twins were napping and slept through the whole thing.

Vic in NH said...

Oh my! So glad that the taxidermy mounts could be saved. I'm also very happy for you that none of your personal fabric stash was placed at risk. We must keep our priorities straight, now, right?

sunny said...

I'm glad you had a quick response, and the damage wasn't too devastating. It's amazing what a little (lot) of water can do.