Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 2, 2015
I took a class during the quilt show--

LeMoyne Stars without Y seams.  These are LITTLE stars.  Here is my complete project cut out--

Tiny pieces!  Not really "my thing" but I'd like to finish it just to say I CAN!  There are 12 stars, doll quilt size--20x25".  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals-

Finish Little LeMoyne Stars
Album Blocks
Quilt Milky Way
Work on a UFO

That will give me variety for the week.  I threw down the gauntlet on Stashbusters--my goal is 12 tops quilted by May 1st.  I only have four tops ready to quilt, that means I have to finish eight more projects!  YIKES!!  Anyone want to join me??

A few pictures from the weekend--

Lorri2Rs and I
 Lorri2rs and I attended the luncheon/trunk show together.
Me and Trail Mix

Quilting done with yard added
 I'm not sure how this quilting was done--but yard was added with the quilting.  It was lovely!
My purchases

I didn't spend much, about $20 on used books/magazines and 3 bags of scraps.  I feel bag that I didn't support the vendors but really saw nothing I needed. 
13 quilts on my wagon

When I submitted my entries I didn't think about how the quilts were going to get to the quilt show.  All needed to be gone over for threads and an identification label made and sewn on.  They all were nicely folded with the label on top.  They left piled on my wagon like an overloaded donkey!  The guild show is very well organized--set up and tear down went fast!  Hats off to the people organizing it!

This week is a catchup week, outside chores, etc.  The weather will be very nice for this time of year, I need to take advantage of it.



sunny said...

Wow - that's a lot of quilts! Good thing you have the wagon. Ive enjoyed seeing your scrappy quilts. I'm still trying to decide what I'll make for RSC next year. This year was Dresden plates. Happy stitching!

Tired Teacher said...

Fabulous photos, especially the one of you and Trailmix.

I love your purchases, too. Was there a silent auction?

straythreads said...

Enjoyed seeing your quits at the quilt show. I looked and thought I know that name and then I saw it on another quilt and another..........Beautiful quilts!!!! was fun to see them in person rather than just on your blog,
Ann said...

Wonderful picture of you and Trailmix and also with Lorri 2rs. Were your Lemoyne stars made with the Deb Tucker ruler?

Kat Scribner said...

Great post, Lori. Loved all the photos!

Vic in NH said...

So, you have a "little red wagon?" It looks perfect for the task of hauling 13 quilts. Love the picture of you with Trailmix!