Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, April 11, 2016
Orange Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks were made on Sunday--

Four Patch Star

Jacob's Ladder

Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Barn Dance Step Two
Jacob's Ladder blocks
Bricks & Stepping Stones 
Load a Top
Press/Trim album blocks

This week is guild (Thursday) and Friday-Saturday-Sunday is sewing with the Iowa ladies.  Not sure what I'll pack to work on.

While blog surfing I found this tutorial at Film in the Fridge 

A simple pattern but the diagonal quirkiness caught my eye.  Perhaps another Rainbow Scrappy Challenge pattern?

Ken and I worked outside yesterday.  We bought the adjacent lots 18 months ago and there was a row of lilacs had been neglected for years.  They lined the sidewalk and hung into it.   At first we were going to remove the dead bits and trim them, but they were so rotted and straggly we pulled them all out.  Sigh  I LOVE lilac bushes but these were too far gone.  There are four more trees we'd like to remove.  They are slowly dying, do not shade our house and are poorly positioned.  We don't want them to fall on our house or the neighbors buildings!  

April has been quite cold so far.  Last night the temps were in the 20's.  But the grass is getting green and Spring must be coming.  



Vic in NH said...

Tha 4-patch star just glows in your thumbnail. It reads as a red which I really like!

straythreads said...

love the scrappy blocks and will April ever warm up in the Dakotas??

Nann said...

I recognize that four-patch star!
And, yes, RSC design ideas are all over the place . . . hard to pick just one.

Sara said...

The background on that 4 patch star just made me laugh - it's so happy!

I really love lilacs too and we had to do the same thing at our previous house. They were just too rotted to save. I always thought we would replant, but it just didn't happen. Lilacs just make me think spring and I have memories of my mother filling a vase with them. It made the house smell so good.

Tired Teacher said...

I had to trim my lilac bush a lot last spring - too many dead branches. It looks awful. It, but perhaps it will become bushy again.

Love the blocks AND the idea you found for a future project.

Enjoy your guild meeting and the sew-in this week.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You have sent me down two rabbit trails! The barn one and the film in the fridge! LOVE your jacobs ladder blocks!!!

Unknown said...

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