Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, July 25, 2016
This week were more Apple Crisp blocks--

I used lots of pink this week!  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

With all the hot weather backyard pools had a lot of use.  

 Mason and Asher have a bigger pool.

 Max has his pool too!

Big brothers like to visit Max.  But with three boys there's not enough room for toys.

 Max armed with water gun shooting his big brothers.

A tired Asher wrapped up in his towel beside grandma.  He was so disappointed that Grandma and Grandpa weren't staying overnight.  I explained we hadn't brought our jammies and he made us promise to bring them next time!

Laura Beth doesn't like the outside of a cake--

Nick cut her piece from the middle.  (I confess, the middle is the best part!)  Ken and Nick eat the side pieces.  

Weekly Goals--

9 more Apple Crisp blocks
Sew Bricks & SS twosies into foursies
Sew anything else I like!

Yes, goals are rather loose during the summer.  A recent thread of discussion on Stashbusters was "when you can't sew, you buy".  Must be true--I bought 10 yards of background fabric yesterday.  A good price--$3@yd.  I'm not sure what I'm going to use it in, but I've been hankering to start a new "boy" quilt and I bought a solid RED for it.  Should be enough for backing too, or maybe enough background for another quilt.  I probably should have bought a soft blue, but the red spoke to me!  If you have any simple patterns that could use red as background (and its a BRIGHT RED) and is about 70"x90" I'd appreciate it.  So far I'm reading all my magazines, books, and Missouri Star tutorials.  I'm not looking for heirloom type patterns, looking for scrappy wear them out type pattern.  Diamond Dash at Missouri Star is a possibility.



Nann said...

Any kind of fiber fix will work, won't it? I appreciated your hankering. Not every quilt needs to have an immediate purpose. (In fact, many of mine find purposes after they're finished.) Congratulations on your $3/yd bargain. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Anything looks good in red! Especially with white. =) I love the splashy pics. Looks like what I'd like to do, if I had a pool big enough in my back yard - but it would definitely be on a slant, if I did! I like your Apple Crisp blocks.