Road Trip with 2Rs

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Last week 2Rs and I road tripped!  Oh we had fun!  Our first stop was at Dee's in Columbus NE--

2Rs showed Dee how to make a microwave bowl holder--

Chicken fabric!  I love chicken fabric!  Excellent choice Dee!

2Rs and I posed in front of Dee's stash--look at those neat shelves!  We stayed overnight with Dee (thank you Dee) and continued on the next morning.  We were doing the Nebraska Passport Stamp.  There are 80 places of interest--we needed to stop at 10 to qualify for a t-shirt.  This was so much fun!  A bar/restraurant called Black Cow Fat Pig had excellent wild rice/turkey soup--made from scratch  An Coffee shop in the basement of an old hotel that was now apartments--great coffee, a cherry turnover and it was decorated with original artwork and art deco style.  We stopped at Boys Town in Omaha and saw the largest ball of stamps--

and a wonderful museum with lots to see.  I need to go back--it was that interesting!  We also stopped at Lewis and Clark Missouri River Visitors Center in Nebraska City.  They have a scale model of the keelboat Lewis & Clark used in 1804.

The original boat was 55 foot long.  Pretty big to drag up river in low water and swampy marshes and sand bars.  Other stops were a home decorating store, a state college library, the windmill museum, and of course the Lewis & Clark Visitor Center where i volunteer.  

Of course we stopped at several quilt shops--my favorite was Fabric Traditions in Fremont NE.  They were so helpful and organized.  When you had fabric cut or they saw you carrying FQs they offered to put it in "your basket".

Your name went on your basket and you could put things in it as you shopped.  I shopped the 50 and 60% off rack.  Even some FQs were 50% off.  If you ever get close be sure and stop.  We eventually ended up in Cameron Missouri. where we spent the night.



swooze said...

Thanks for the pics of your travels and of Dee, her stash and yourselves! I think we need to see y'all soon stashes now! Does Lorri have a blog?

Sara said...

I was at the Fremont shop several years ago. It was a good one. It's always interesting to explore those interesting places that aren't on the typical tourist path. What fun!

Tired Teacher said...

I loved the shop in Fremont, NE. Marilyn and I enhanced our stash there several years ago: I'd love to go back. Did you go to the quilt shop in Cameron, MO? Another good place to browse and shop.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm envious of Dee's stash of neutrals! Isn't that quilt shop in Fremont something? It's been a few years since I was there, but there was so much variety it just boggled my mind. Sounds like it was a road trip to remember.

cityquilter grace said...

nice photos...i went to nebraska and up to council bluffs overlooking the muddy mo...