Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and Week in Review

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Remember when I made Album blocks in 2014 & 2015?  This is top #6 I've put together using them--

Roughly 75X90--still a few wrinkles to be pressed out.  I didn't have enough of one fabric to do both setting squares and triangles--the outside triangles are a TOT just a bit darker than the plain periwinkle blue in the middle squares.  I still have enough album blocks to make ONE MORE TOP.   I'm a bit math challenged and work best with a pattern or diagram.  Sometimes I have to draw my own--

I can't "see" it in my head, I need a picture to look at. Please see what everyone's doing with their RSC projects at SoScrappy. Some people learn by hearing, some by reading, some by watching.  Hearing is the hardest for me, I only retain what I hear if I take notes.  Laura Beth learns best by reading (me too)--I wonder if these traits are inherited or learned?  

On Tuesday we finished combining, then we moved all the equipment to where we store it--

Beautiful blue skies and warm--I was following Ken down the road.  See the wide open flatlands where we live?  Glad we got done, because on Thursday night this arrived--

First rain then snow and high winds.  The snow was wet enough it didn't blow around.  On Wednesday we cleared off flowerbeds, took down my "viney crap" as Ken calls all my Morning Glories and Sweet Peas.  Rolled it all up like a big round hay bale, Ken hauled it out to the farm.  Those vines filled the back of the pickup.  But I couldn't leave the pots of Hen'n'Chicks outside--

I'm going to try starting more "chicks" over the winter in other pots.  Thank you Karla for giving them to me!  These succulents are supposed to reproduce as fast as scraps of fabric. 

Remember Barn Dance?  I hadn't forgotten about it.  That stack of blocks has been moved a million times but I got it together--

Not a great picture, but I was in a hurry to use the design wall.  Where do I store the completed tops?  In the CABANA CLOSET--

Its getting crowded in there, some have overflowed onto wherever they could find a spot.  

Right now I'm working on turning blocks into tops.  Several need borders but I'll have a border making marathon one of these days.  I'm planning a quilting marathon after the holidays.  



Judy said...

Wow! You did get a snow. Perfect sewing weather. Glad the harvest is done, so you can work on those tops.

Tired Teacher said...

The same storm hit here on Wednesday night - sure did make a mess of things. Glad Ken's field work was finished before it came your way.

Love the quilts.

Sara said...

That is a lot of tops ready for quilting. You can be snowed in all winter quilting like crazy. Or maybe not . . . I shouldn't wish for more snow should I? It was so strange to see the snow on top of flowering plants on Thursday morning. But I keep reminding myself to be happy with the long warm fall we had. Good to hear that your harvest was finished in plenty of time.

Sharon said...

Brrr! I grew up on my dad's mother's homestead in eastern Montana. Brrr! That closet looks about like how many tops I had to quilt about five years ago. Thanks to the Stashbuster UFO Challenge the last few years, I have whittled them down a lot. Several of what's left are applique' quilts, because I just don't know what to do about quilting them. By the way, I love it when the outside setting triangles are a different color than the setting squares. I've done several that way, and they kind of look like a border. Sometimes I make an outside border with the same fabric. Very nice. I can't believe how many quilts you get made, and they all are large ones!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need a quilting marathon! LOL Love that churn dash top. I can't believe you have snow. We still had leaves on trees today - green ones, even! Tonight's wind and rain will probably drop a lot of them, though. Seems wrong with December only 2 days away!