Weekend in Review

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Most of the weekend was mundane chores.  Vacuuming.  Defrosting the fridge.  Spray the weeds.  But I snuck in a little sewing/cutting time.  Sunday morning Ken was sleeping in the recliner so I took my cutting mat outside.

It was shady and cool, the awning was out and the umbrella up.  One of the things I worked on was 4 patches for a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.

Its a continuous project, I must have made at least ten by now.  I've used all sorts of colors for the four patches--red, black, brown, blue, purple.  Sometimes a scrap isn't big enough for a 5" charm, but I can get a 3.5"x6.5" brick from it.  

Nature is everywhere if you look.  Cecely was watering the flowers and found this--

Cecely has good eyes to spot him in the flowers--

He looks like another stem unless you are looking for him.

I have two birdhouses hanging by the camper.  The bluebirds raised a brood and now the Wrens are nesting in them.  The one by my camper had six eggs and one baby chick last week, they were just hatching.  Now there is a pile of babies in there--

Not sure if there are seven chicks in there--just a big pile of babies.  The other birdhouse has eggs--four of them.  The mother scolded me as I photographed them.  

I love to watch the birds out my windows.  The sewing nook has a great view of most the feeders, and if I turn the sprinkler on the birds are VERY happy!

No goals as far as quilting this week.  Hoytyville is progressing, I hope to finish the blocks for TWO quilts by next week.  No binding, I really need to buckle down and work on finishing a top.  

Its hard to believe the summer is half over.  I want it to be April again.  

~LORI in Nebraska~


Tired Teacher said...

Great progress on your quilt units. The outdoor cutting station looks inviting.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

April would be nice....no humidity.

Even when it humid in the morning I like to shut the AC off and open the window next to my chair a few inches so I can hear the wrens sing. The hubby has put several birdhouses out so there are lots of them.