new snow

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last nite we had a small dusting of snow, maybe two inches. So glad we didn't get a whole bunch. No wind, so it's just sitting there. Today I had my father over for supper, he's 88yo. I made swedish meatballs, rice, jello with fruit, two kinds of veggies, baked apples, pound cake and banana bread. I enjoy cooking for him. I spent the last two days working on two quilts, one from a set of blocks I won in an internet block lottery, and another set I was going to make into a quilt for DFIL. But think I will use the lottery ones as I have that top completed except for quilting. Do you think it's too "girly"?? The blocks are the "water wheel" pattern from Marcia's Hohn's Quilters Cache. Tomorrow I am catching a ride with my sister and DBIL and will find some flannel to use as backing. My DFIL fell on the ice a week ago and cracked some vertebrae so won't be too frisky for 6-8 weeks, I think maybe a soft quilt he can cuddle up in is needed.