Quilting away

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I spent this afternoon working on DFIL's quilt. Down to the last pass! Then I just have to bind it and I am done. I am putting a panto that looks like large tulips on it. Not too "froo-froo" so I think it will be okay. And I found this wonderful flannel for the backing, I think it will be snuggly. And we definitely are in for some "snuggle" weather here. DH assures me that his father will love it, and not notice anything about it except that it's blue and has flannel on the back! Tomorrow I am taking my sister to a Dr. appt and then I am doing some Christmas shopping. And my sister has promised to help me (okay--she wants some) bake cookies for Christmas. So we will have to buy some ingredients tomorrow. We picked out the recipes--lots of old favorites. I will have to hide them from DH--he loves cookies but.....! I am still stashbusting, the only thing I bought for this quilt was the backing.