Vintage Light

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tonight I was using my cutting table, and it made think how much I appreciate my Vintage Light above it. It came from a grocery store that went out of business, and had been in a historic building in a little town near me. It's the light that sat on the back of the ice cream freezer, remember the ones where they reached in and dished up your ice cream?? My best friend and I were there for the Kuchen Festival (yes--German dessert) and she asked to tour the building. And saw this light in there. Took a little haggling, but the light came home with us. Cleaned it up and we mounted it above my cutting table (which has its own story). It has a neat fluroscent fixture in it, shelves to store things, and a mirror (which gives you a view of yourself from the waist down). A few nails to hold tools and rulers along the bottom. I love the advertising on it, I can remember when we ate that brand! I think of my friend every time I reach up to turn it on.

Once in a while I get lucky. I was done quilting a QOV, and took my bobbin out to put in my bobbin basket. See how much thread was left?? Probably less than 10". Doesn't everyone run out 10" before the end??


Henrietta said...

AND I see you have my portrait on the top shelf too!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the history of this cutting table light fixture...brings me back in the day, too.

I attempted to add a spring is coming ticker, like you have at the bottom of your blog, but couldn't get the code to work. Any thoughts on this?

Happy to have found your blog. Look forward to visiting back often.

Paula, the quilter said...

I like to do free-motion machine embroidery and it seems I run out at the most inopportune times. Would you send some of that luck my way?