Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It hasn't been a bad week for stashbusting. Not a GREAT week, but I did finish the baby blanket. It has been labeled, washed, and on it's way. So I figure 8 yards?? And I didn't buy any fabric this week. Sigh--I always hope when I give someone a quilt that they USE it, not put it away and "wait for the rainy day" to use it. Do you ever have that feeling?? Sometimes you wonder if that quilt you made them will end up as the dog's bed, but I always try to remember I GAVE it to them, it's theirs!! (DD--hope you are reading this--remember when I found that quilt I made you under your coffee table??) ROFL!!

I have several tops here to quilt for other people, I may be a bit quiet as I work on them. The guild I belong to has a quilt show in June, and although I THINK I have my entries done, there are several other peoples whose are not! And as soon as the weather gets nice I am sure farmer husband will want me to help him. We are also making arrangements to have a small deck built on our house, so hopefully will be able to pick up the lumber for that in the next week (it's already been ordered and paid for). When the carpenters are ready to start it will be here! And there is my little garden and my flowers and......well, you see how it is!!


SueR said...

Good job on the stash report. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you with all the last minute quilters (which would usually be me!) and things around the house.