What's Under Your Cutting Table

Friday, April 4, 2008
Pam asked what was under your cutting table, and Pat showed hers! Okay, I'll share! My cutting table is made to store stuff underneath, it has nine shelves! It's eight foot long. And very VERY old. I rescued it from a building about to be torn down that was owned by my husband, who inherited it from his grandfather. Over it's lifetime it was everything from a store to a cafe to a place where dances and wedding receptions were held. This table is so old it is put together with square nails and wooden pegs. In it's top is the hole where the wrapping string used to come up from the cone. Do you remember that? Yup, it's old. But it makes a great cutting table. I use the left hand shelves for mailing supplies, tape, etc. The middle top shelf has extra rulers and templates, and the rest of the shelves hold my larger pieces of fabric (mostly for backings). And the top. Well, let's just say it holds "current projects". Or, "I'll put it away later stuff". Maybe.


Pat said...

What a wonderful family treasure you have there...and tons of storage space!

Henrietta said...

Now tell everyone how it got into that room from the basement