Quilt Show Preparations, Tossed Salad Blocks

Thursday, June 26, 2008
I'm home for a few days, tomorrow starts the biennial Heartland Quilters Guild show. I've picked the quilts I'm taking and also packed up my best friend's quilts. We are limited to four full size quilts each and then we can take little wall hangings etc to be hung in wherever they fit. Our guild has about 50 members--so if everyone would bring four quilts, well, you get the idea!! There is also a quilt raffle, I will try to remember to take a picture of the quilt, everyone cross your fingers that I win it!!

And I've taken a picture of my tossed salad blocks, I have them together in a top, trying to decide what to do next. Any ideas?? It will make a great quilt for laying about on the sofa, so far the top measures 60x70". I think it needs a couple of borders yet. This was made totally from stash, whatever I found already cut (lots of green leftover strings from the pineapple smoothy) and then I just a few more strings! Random, scrappy, just the way I like them! And I also think I'd like fleece on the back, it will make it very soft and cuddly. Thank you Pam Peck and Fons and Porter for this pattern!