Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, February 8, 2009
My numbers haven't changed this week, 0 bought, and 0 finished. I've stuck at +8 yards for the year--so far!

But I did get a few things done. I made enough of the blue Jacob's ladder blocks I can mail them away tomorrow.

I finished trimming the Christmas Courthouse steps.

They are ready to become a flimsy.
I made homemade laundry soap.

And Ruby went to the spa. (or just had a bath and brush!)

Today we are going to "Eagle Days" in Yankton.  They will be bringing in live Bald Eagles and having a program.  This will be held at the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center above Gavin's Point Dam. 


Vicki H. said...

I love eagles. We have some around here and they are beautiful.

You have been very busy I see. I love Jacob's ladder pattern. I am no very good at log cabins. Got any tips? ( I don't know how to paper piece either)

Lori said...

I can't wait to see your log cabin quilt.
Thank you for the nice comment my cat this week, he is missed some much. (My sewing buddy :-( )

JuJu said...

A very unusual combination of interest on your blog ... quilts, laundry soap and pet hair!! How are YOU feeling?

MightyMom said...

flimsy?? what's a flimsy???

you make your own laundry soap?? what's it smell like?? ;0)

poor puppy...soooo mistreated! bath AND brush...yikes!

Katie Z. said...

Good work! How do you make your laundry soap?

Donna said...

The Christmas log cabins look interesting. I look forward to seeing the top sewn together.

Elaine Adair said...

Good for you (the soap!) -- less plastic bottles to eliminate, and Ithink laundry is BETTER than with 'normal' purchased detergent!