Wednesday Ramblings Early on Thursday

Thursday, February 19, 2009
I'm sure you've all been reading about the terrible fires in Australia. I can't do a lot from the middle of the Midwest, but in my blog reading I came across Tia. Tia lives in Australia, and is an Army military wife. Please read her blog, it is very interesting!

But remember the box I was gifted? When I was reading Tia's blog, I happened to be washing and ironing the contents of that box. There were bits and pieces of many fabrics in there. But there was enough of one blue to make block centers, and I cut some of the rest to make 13 blocks. To me, that was a good use of part of that box! The background fabric is all the same, Kona Snow. Yes, I used my stash!

There are 12 blocks that finish to 12", and an extra orange one--just because I thought the orange was bright and pretty!

I know there are many different organizations out there you can help, but this is the one I chose.

I still need to work on my goals, I don't like to quilt at night, too hard to see, so think I will work on those courthouse steps. If I get them together, I can start on piecing the backing. I am hoping I have enough leftover Christmas fabric to finish with! I thought back, this is the 3rd quilt I've made using that fabric, one was a large king, one a large queen, and this one will be rather ginormous too! LOL--House insulation as Henrietta says. And speaking of Henrietta--today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Henrietta--I hope that husband of yours took you somewhere nice!


Pat said...

Your wonky stars are looking good!
I also used stash for mine...I only had enough bright stripe for 4stars :)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love those stars!! Great use of fabrics!

MightyMom said...

I love using inherited fabric...makes me feel like it was free stuff rather than prepaid stuff.

Mary Johnson said...

Cute stars, I've been doing QAYG blocks to send to Jan Mac.

Sara said...

I really like your wonky stars. I sent a few stars and some other blocks on to Tia last week....I think I'm going to make more to send to her.
P.S. That was a great way to use your gifted goods!