Monday Goals

Monday, April 26, 2010
My goals will remain the same, work on the curry top on the machine.  I'm coming back down with the crud, so a call to the Dr. is needed.  

I enjoy each week of stash reports, I try to go to everyone's blog and go thru what they've posted the last week.  So if you're on the stash report, even if I haven't commented, I've probably been reading!

Everyone has so many pictures of their flowers.  It was windy and cold, and has been raining off and on--here is a picture of my only flowers blooming.

Yes, that's it, six pink tulips!   I have lots of other things growing, but these are my only blooms! 


Nancy said...

No flowers here, and this morning roofs were covered with frost. It is going to be a while yet before the tulips even bloom.

Mary-Kay said...

I don't know what's even growing in my garden. I've only been outside maybe 2 times this year. Besides work that is. And the CRUD sucks. I still have it too and now my ear is blocked but not an earache thank God.

MightyMom said...

they're pretty!!

Stephanie D said...

They are a gorgeous color of pink, too!

So sorry you have the crud. Spring crud is second only to summertime crud as a bummer.