Motivation Friday

Friday, April 2, 2010
It's been a busy week.  But we've managed a little sewing.  The "cracker crumb" top is quilted, and I have the binding made.  I made my only goal!  

Henrietta saw some blocks I had on my design wall and fixed them.  Uh, operator error by the person making them originally!  

Oops, Henrietta didn't quite have the top hung up yet~!

Here's that top!  Henrietta has an excellent eye for fixing what I WAS going to toss.  The sashings were fixed,  another blue for each corner, and then a honey tan marble separates the inner blue and the outer red border.  I thought the red and blue being the same VALUE would be boring, but dividing them with the tan border just made the colors "pop".  For a while we were calling it "the quilt that never ends"--because it took FOREVER to finish.  Lots of unpicking.  Whew! 

I put together some blocks Jay used to WRAP THE SLIDE PLATE on the sewing machine head he sent home with me!  I love them, they are vintage preprinted blocks in a Pennsylvania Dutch style.  A couple were not in the best shape, but I ended up with eight that squared up fairly well.  I haven't finished squaring the top, but wanted to show you anyway.  Henrietta has suggested a bit more of the green for a float, with a narrow white and a narrow green border--like stripes on the edges.  Vintage looking--I think I like that idea. 


Tomorrow night Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason will be here.  Ken picked our Easter menu--grilled burgers and hot dogs!  I had several different menus I suggested, but this is what HE wanted.  Oh, we'll eat lots of things while everyone is here, so it will be fine.   (And he's volunteered to cook the burgers and hot dogs!)  


Vicki H. said...

No snow here so early, too. We are grilling chicken. Today some yard work before finishing a quilt.

Helen in the UK said...

The red/white/blue quilt looks wonderful! Is it for QoV or is it a keeper?

MightyMom said...

I don't remember those blocks...what needed fixing??

like the green quilt. but I agree, it needs borders!

the cook sets the menu and the mealtimes! :-)

Tanya said...

Henrietta's solution is great!