Friday, July 23, 2010
Last week I took a few minutes to take pictures--it was a GLORIOUS day75 degrees with a light breeze.  Perfect.  

I never tire of the view looking down onto the lake/river/dam.  The skies are usually this bright blue.  Do you remember earlier this year when I planted flowers at the Visitor Center?  So far they are doing well, flowering wildly.

The Visitor Center has eight large decorative concrete planters.  Usually it is very hot, windy, and dry--so finding flowers that survive that and look nice is a challenge.  I went for a wide range of colors and varieties.  If one doesn't do well, I'll mark it down and not have it on the list for last year.  I've only had one surprise.

The red plants are a bit tall.  Not sure if they were supposed to grow like that.  It's been suggested I pinch them back, but the growing season is so short here, by the time they recover, they will be killed by frost.  I've been asked about the flowers--how come they are growing so well this year?  I haven't a clue!   After plunking them in the ground they've been watered well, and I fertilized them with long lasting fertilizer.  

The summer has gone so fast.  Soon it will be August and summer winding down.  I AM NOT READY!


Vicki H. said...

I am not ready for the summer to wind down either, the burning bushes here are starting to get the early stages of changing to ready. It isn't even Aug. yet. :( It is a good thing I like to quilt or the winters here could be unbearable. Love the blue sky, we have had a large amount of grey rainy days here lately.

Enjoy your summer!!!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I can't believe either how fast the summer is going.

Your flowers are beautiful. I think I killed my flowers in planters with an overdose of Miracle Grow. They sure are looking sickly.

MightyMom said...

I'll trade you 2 weeks less of my summer for 2 weeks more of yours!

is it time for school to start yet?

Stephanie D said...

Well,it's not like I didn't warn you! lol

I think the tall red plants look just fine. They give it interest.