Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, July 18, 2010
I didn't finish anything this week.  Nothing bought either.  But I have been sewing.  There isn't a lot of room when I'm in the camper, but I work on my projects in steps. 

My featherweight on the table surrounded by strips I am chain piecing.  When I have sewn together all my strips that I have, I take the project home to press.  I use my couch to sort/count my strips.

This project is from a couple of years ago.  Stalled because it required much unpicking, I had sew about 50 strips together wrong.   I store my projects in these totes with handles.  The directions are in there too.  Baggies separate the different strips.  

Earlier this week the corps had a barbeque/potluck.   A general, a lt. colonel, and, umm--some other officer flew in.  

Ric, Eddie, Toni, and I represented the Volunteers.  

 This is our boss Karla talking with General Zook(??)

Mark and Moose manned the grills.  I have learned so much from them.  Always answering my questions and explaining how things work at the powerplant.  Moose was talking about what he was working on after lunch at the powerplant.  I asked "can I watch and take pictures Moose?"  Sure--come on down.  

Later that afternoon I met Moose.  His project was done early--but he asked Andy to show me the inside of the generator shaft and answer questions.  We went WAAY down inside the generator shaft.  Next to that spinning shaft--nothing but about 5" of air between it and me.  Down, down DOWN!  We walked across the working parts--not on walkways.  Saw parts I had only seen in diagrams.  And I totally forgot to take pictures!  Thank you Andy and Moose!!

This afternoon my family are all going to a local museum--my sister has been there and knows my dad and aunt would enjoy it.  I am looking forward to it, she said there are SEWING MACHINES there!  

It was very hot here yesterday, parts of South Dakota had triple digits and the humidity was very high.  Last night it showered a bit, and today it's cooler. 



SpinningStar said...

Featherweights are so great in small spaces!

Glad you enjoyed the tour and the bbq - keep cool up there!

Charlene S said...

I can relate to quilting in a camper. You have to be organized to do it and creative to find spaces to do everything. You seem to have it under control.

Kathie said...

great system of still being able to sew

Vicki H. said...

very nice set up you have and a feather weight, I am jealous. I hope your quilt comes along well, I love the pattern and fabrics. Keep cool.

Stephanie D said...

Just as well you didn't try to take pictures. With only 5 inches of space between you and the spinning shaft, you probably would have messed up the camera! Not to mention, lost a hand.

Lori said...

Looks like fun there. We don't get to camp as often anymore. Have fun sewing also.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that would be so interesting to look at that.

Gill in Canada

MightyMom said...

I like the tote idea my projects are usually in a bag of some sort. Is your featherweight any smaller than my Kenny?