Thank you Lillian!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
When I was starting hand applique, a lady from the UK gave me lots of hints and advice.  I'll admit, if it wasn't for Lillian (and Mary Ann--another Internet friend) I probably would have given up--again!  And Lillian offered to do an red/white applique block swap with me.  Here is what was in Lillian's baggie to me-----

Yes Lillian--I turned over your block and admired the tiny stitches!  Pomegranates--how did Lillian know I ADORE those blocks???  And, she sent me a pattern to make a quilt with them.   Batik FQ's in pink, purple, and green.  The magazine "Magic Patch" has so many fun small projects in it.     I know I will be starting a wall hanging from it.  Thank you Lillian! 


Nancy said...

Lillian's block is beautiful.

I predict many new projects in your immediate future. Have fun.

Unknown said...

My two favorite things, applique and red. The block is beautiful.

Kathie said...

Very cute block, I admire anyone that does applique well. What little I have tried doesn't look very good, don't think I have the patience.

MightyMom said...

awesomeness!! love that block!