Thursday--Beautiful Weather

Thursday, May 26, 2011
The weather was absolutely perfect today.  Mid 70's, sunshine and gentle breezes.  I had the camper door and windows open and I actually SEWED a little.  Here is my progress.

One block.  Quit laughing!!  Well, I said it was a beautiful day!!  I spent a lot of time organizing and enjoying the weather.  I had forgotten all my new blue fabrics and the white and WOW backgrounds at the camper when I went home last week.  No sewing at home!  Today I sorted thru them and made this block.  Among my UFO's I counted 21 blue/white Jacob's ladder blocks from either a swap or I won them in a block lotto A LONG time ago.  30 will make a nice setting, so I will make 9 more.  

Yesterday I ran errands in Yankton.  Now this is in my camper----

There isn't a good, reliable option for internet at my camper so I decided to try MiFi.  Setup was fairly simple, although I did have to call customer service for help.  Honest, I didn't know most "Key" numbers are all capital letters!  But it's up and running, and I'm curious how it will perform.  

How did I spend last week?  I took my dad shopping for new shoes.  I caught up on some cooking---putting some small meals in the freezer for "later".  Ken and I made a platform for below my camper steps.  And, we survived one of those times guaranteed to test a marriage.  We put together a treadmill.  Ken supplied the muscle, I read the directions.  I must have looked terrible by the end, Ken hugged me and gave me a kiss.  Yeah, I needed it.  I just wish the pictures looked like the parts that came out of the box.   We saved $150 doing it ourselves.  $1,000 would have made me feel better!   Sorry honey--I should have hugged and kissed you too, you were trying to follow my directions all the while.  I tried the treadmill and everything seems to work.  Amazing.  

Tomorrow should be another nice day, but then its going to cool off for almost a week.  I've had the heat on every night, and most days at the camper.  Unseasonably cold weather for South Dakota.  While home I did catch up on my Google Reader.  Next weekend Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason will be at our house.  I don't think much sewing will happen, I volunteer a lot before that.   That's OK, summer is short!


Nancy said...

Oh, how I love blue and white together. Your quilt will be fabulous.

I vow to never assemble anything again when I can have someone else do it, even for a fee. It is just too stressful. Kudos to you and Ken for assembling a treadmill.

No gentle breezes here today, but a howling wind. Cold weather is on its way, so batten down the hatches. ;oD

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

And summer will be even shorter this year as long as the cold is lasting. Gorgeous day today here, but tomorrow it's supposed to be back to rain.

Sounds like you've been keeping busy enough. Let me know how the Mifi works out. We're supposed to be getting Telebeep here in town.....IF they ever get around to hooking us up. Cheaper than the DSL from Frontier...I hope the service is good.

pdudgeon said...

i love your blue block! i've been trying to figure out an alternate setting block for a star quilt i'm working on in Jason Yenter fabrics (not my usual fabric choice by a long shot), and that block just might do the trick.
enjoy your cool weather while you have it---we're getting all the heat down here, and had a short Spring as a result. yesterday was in the 90's--something that we don't usually see until late June.
i can't imagine what August will be like if it's this hot this early. Corn is already up in the fields around us. As a result of this heat, my Easter lilies are just ready to bloom next week, and they usually don't bloom until Father's day.

Unknown said...

Love your blue and white block. At least it isn't really hot.

Kathie said...

Hey one block at a time and before you know it you will have all nine done.

Stephanie D said...

I have no clue what a MiFi is--guess I'll have to google it!

I love blue and white quilts!

MightyMom said...

what is mifi? sounds like a dog's name!

humm, I like that block a lot! simple yet looks amazing! I may have to do that! they're called Jacob's ladder you said??.....

ut-oh, I think you done thrown a cravin on my friend Diane used to say

Elaine Adair said...

That block (I call it Jacob's Ladder) is one of my favorites! Very pretty in florals.

I give you a hand managing putting together the treadmill and still speaking! 8-)))