Ric Next Door

Sunday, July 17, 2011
Ric is my next door neighbor while I'm volunteering.  Here are a few pictures of Ric---

Ric Fixing Sign

Ric with "Popemobile"

Ric In Texas

Ric Relaxing Outside

Ric Using Phone While Standing On His Camper
Ric volunteers in Maintenance.  If it requires fixing, building, or painting--Ric does it.  Trees planted.  Grass seed spread.  You will see him driving the electric "popemobile" around the project.  Last night Ric's air conditioner wasn't keeping up, and I snapped a pic of him standing on his roof talking on his phone.   (air conditioner problem resolved!)  I've lucky to have Ric as a neighbor, coming back each year to volunteer is even better when I know Ric will be there.  


Nancy said...

Just curious - why do volunteers stay in the campground rather than just go home? Are you required to stay on the grounds?

Brenda said...

Yeah Ric!! It's nice when someone that you work with makes your day when you know they are around!! And I am glad he is such a handy man!! It helps when they know what they are doing!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

It's good to have such a good neighbor.

You know, I think that popemobile thing could catch on...much cuter than an ordinary golf cart. I could drive one to work.

Keep cool if you can.

Henrietta said...

Hi Nancy
For many, Park volunteerism is a way of life. The motor home or travel trailer IS their home. Ric lives in his trailer year round, it has every mod con including a washer and dryer. Like the birds he goes south in winter.

Some come back to the same Park or facility every year, others like to explore somewhere new.

So, for the majority having the camping space is a benefit. At Gavins Point the site is free and so are the utilities in exchange for a specified number of hours of work.

Who would commute seventy miles each way daily to do unpaid work? Not me!