Volunteering, Sewing, and Just Having Fun

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Henrietta and I are relaxing.  I've been volunteering, and she's been sewing.  Ken is here now too, but has declined our offer of a road trip.  I think the mention of quilt shops maybe put him off!

I made another Swoon block before I left home---

I really like this block, the colors are more intense.  9 Swoon blocks make an 80x80 top.  I like the 24" blocks, and the directions are very clear on how to make a block using 2 FQs (and a bit of background--I have used Kona bone).   Very efficient use of a FQ.  Maybe I will look for a couple of FQ's today just to play with.  

And here are a few random pictures---

View across the river

Lots of water

Henrietta's robin--He was shy and kept a close eye on her. 

We hope to take more pictures today, Henrietta has been practicing with a new camera. 


Nancy said...

Your blocks are going to make a wonderful quilt. A 24" block is huge!

Have fun on your road trip.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

How could the mention of quilt shops possibly put anyone off??? A road trip sounds like fun, but everyone's always working and it's no fun to go alone. Flischa will soon be back from AZ for a few months---maybe she'll have time. Keep on havin' fun ladies.

SpinningStar said...

The block is great and will look lovely in a quilt.

Hope youare staying away from all that water - stay safe!


Susan said...

Love the block! Is the river high because of rains lately? Or is that normal? I think you should find some fq to play with.

Suzanne said...

I like the block. Sometimes the larger blocks are nice to do for a dramatic quilt.