Monday Goals

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
3 goals last week.  I completed one!  The blue/white swap blocks have been mailed.  I did want to work on Petey's blocks.  But--I FORGOT THE BACKGROUND fabric at home.  Oh well!  I didn't load Henrietta's quilt--I had less time than I had planned.   But I did pull out a quilt of Henrietta's that needed binding--the binding is made and on--I just need to hand stitch it now.  

So my goals for next week will be---

  1. Make more Petey blocks
  2. Sew binding on Henrietta's 30's quilt
  3. Make more 4 patches

4 patches?  Where did the 4 patches sneak in???  I'm all about the process of quilting. That's my favorite part.  So when I saw a Billie Lauder video on scrappy 4 patches--I couldn't resist.

I have a heaping box of 5" scrap squares.  I pulled assorted colors in lights and dark.  And, one night when I couldn't sleep I got out of bed and matched them into light/dark pairs.   Yes--at 2 AM! 

charms paired up and ready to sew

And here are some of the finished 4 patches.

4 patches made with Billie Lauder method
I'm not sure how these will turn out--but if you watch the video about 10-11 minutes along she shows a quilt on the wall made with 4 patches--and that's what caught my eye!  Simple, soft--and scrappy!  She used a charm pack--good way to use charm packs--but I was thinking of that huge box of charms I have.  

Camping season/voluteering is almost over.  Last week I saw the Morning Glory's I planted by my camper were finally blooming.

Blooming at last!


Sara said...

Cute 4 patches. And who would have predicted that your morning glories would bloom in October in SD.

Henrietta said...

Maybe it will have time to make a seed before the frost kills it. Fingers crossed. Next year plant in pot inside and take with you to give it a head start.

Pokey said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep, I hate that!! Four patches lead to many interesting projects, good for you for being productive ~

Suzanne said...

My Mom use to say she did her best sewing in the middle of the distractions!

Unknown said...

There is nothing wrong with sewing at night, that is when I do some of my best work.

Brenda said...

The quiet of the night lets you 'hear' the little creative voice louder than in the daylight hours where there all those other noises!! 5" blocks for a 4 patch, hmmmm, that would work!!!
I am glad I am cutting up my scraps into useable pieces, 5" being one of them!!! Another project, that would/will use them up!!

The morning glories are pretty!!!!

I am going to have to watch that Billie Lauder video!!! I love her!!! Thanks for the link!!!!

Here is to completing goals!! Thanks for the insperation!!!