Monday Goals

Monday, October 31, 2011
I'm still a bit off track here, but I am sewing!  I've had a bad cough/cold and sometimes I was just too miserable to concentrate.   I didn't sew Henrietta's binding down, still saving it.  (I enjoy the hand sewing of bindings.)   Petey's blocks are all sewn together and waiting for the backing.  I haven't worked on my Secret Santa things--but I have time.  

So my goals for next week are--

  1. Make backing for Petey's quilt
  2. Work on Secret Santa project
  3. Make a backing for a finished top

Last night I was digging in my finished tops, and I know that having a backing ready with the top makes it easy to pull one out and quilt it.   Seamed a backing and set aside binding fabric with it.  That way anything extra can go back into the stash and be used.   

I was looking for a baby top.  It would go quickly and I wanted to try a different pantograph on a small project.   When I found the top, it needed borders.  Okay--borders will go fast!  Half way through the borders my foot pedal quit.  What??  Just find a different foot pedal.  No foot pedal exactly like I needed.  Got the tools out--a nut had come off a short bolt inside.  Put it back together and sewed the borders. 

Backing--I had a piece of blue flannel the right size--threw it in the washer/dryer--and loaded the long arm.  The quilting was quick--the panto is nice--now I need binding.  I save all my extra binding on a cardboard roll.  And--I had enough of a plain blue.  Woohoo!! 

I'm off to sew some more! 


Nancy said...

I save my unused binding for trim on pillowcases. I like how you use the tube to organize them.

Suzanne said...

Wow, it just all came together so nicely! I keep my extra binding in a shoebox.

Unknown said...

Love the way it came together

Brenda said...

I think that was a great story of the quilt that almost wasn't!!! It was nice how it ended after that scary part in the middle!! The drama was too much!! (I honestly had never thought of that happening!!!!) But I love how the quilt angels made sure that there would be enough left over binding to make this story come out with a happy ending!!!!

And I love your goals!! Am making myself some up for the month as we speak!! Okay, I was doing that till I had to come on the comp for a minute to visit!
But now that visiting minute is over, I am off to make a list!! A REAL list - not dream ones, actual factual, do-able one!!
(wish me luck!!!!)

Henrietta said...

And who's idea was that binding roll?

Susan said...

What a lucky baby to get that one. Foot pedal? I didn't realize you had to have one! I like the pattern - simple, but effective.