Monday Goals

Monday, November 7, 2011
New week--time for new goals.  

  1. Quilt Petey's top
  2. Hand sew one binding 
  3. Make a backing or binding for a waiting top--or both
  4. Sew on a UFO
  5. Play with a block

Have to schedule some play time---its part of the fun process.  The camper is now parked in front of our house, we will be unloading it and getting it ready for storage.  Always a sad time for me--I do love camping and volunteering.

I finished binding a UFO--Henrietta's American Pie Quilt.

I think she finished the top in March of 2010.  Henrietta loves chickens, the backing is green with tiny yellow chicks.   I still have two more quilts ready for the hand sewing, one of my favorite parts of quilting. 

Do you plan your time?  I cannot plan any longer than a week, it becomes too overwhelming.  But weekly goals--and they are only goals--works for me.  I'm off to the sewing room and a bit of laundry!


Nancy said...

I need to start setting weekly goals because before I know it the week is gone.

Love the quilt.

Brenda said...

Good question. Everything I am reading today, or thinking of (which is probably why I am seeing 'time' in everything!) has to do with how I spend my time. Or "Do you control time, or does time control you?" - and the do I plan my time? No, in all honesty, not really.
I think of things I want to do, would like to do, but I do not always DO them. ????? hmmmm. I should really think about that.....

Right now, my DD is playing sick - I think she pulled another all nighter and is now getting the sleep she did not get last night. She shoud be in school... instead she is here, in bed. And that - even though I should be used to it, throws me off. I feel like my 'time' is not my own, that I need to be ready at a moments notice to do what ever I need to do. Like when the kids were little.
So, when I get into something, I am still on edge and I do not like it. I have things I need to do, when no one is here (presents I want to make, but I need room to work, so I can't hide in my messy room!!!) (HMM, clean the room, then you could do it!!!) tee hee!!

So, no I do not plan - I do write down goal, but they are - "I want this done" goals, with no date attached, and hence the problem!!!
So right now, (new rule) if I start something, it gets done before I can move on.... Like right now, I have things on the go, but I work on everything - as leader and enders, and when I can fit it in, but I can not stop workign on it.... And I will finish my projects NOW instead of 7-8 yrs down the road (and that is embarrassing!) Out of sight, out of mind and enough is enough.
Your posts have helped me with my goal planning. I love to read what you plan, and then see what you've done!!! Inspiring to say the least!!!

And,don't put the camper away!!! Lots of people go year round in them I hear!!! Get going!! And let me know how nice it is in Florida or - Texas!!! ;-)

Mary Johnson said...


I do set goals. Sometimes just for the day, other times I plan what I want to accomplish between trips.

Stephanie D said...

This week my goal is to get the Hallowe'en stuff down and packed away, and oh, yeah, I'm kinda cleaning up half the garage while I'm at it. Plus get caught up on the laundry, as the washer and dryer have been partially obscured by the bins of Hallowe'en stuff. It's a vicious cycle.

To give myself a small break, I opened a bin I had in my sewing room closet that has been at the bottom of a stack for probably 3 years. In it I found 5 more flimsies I haven't thought about in forever. That, plus working on DD's quilts, and 3 baby quilts I need to do, plus some Christmas quilting I wanted to accomplish--feeling a bit overwhelmed again.

Hmmm, how do I pick a few?

Susan said...

Love Henrietta's quilt. I do plan my time, but things always come up that I didn't plan on, so the plan is very fluid! Love your goals.