Motivation Friday

Saturday, November 19, 2011
Friday was very busy--just imagine it's Friday!  Check on those goals---I did finish quilting the QOV and loaded another top on the long arm.  I haven't worked on Petey quilt--but I have a good excuse!  My right index finger has a cut right across the pad on the end--ouch!   I was cutting up chicken breasts--and from the repeated pushing down on the blade of the knife with my index finger (the back side of the blade must have sharp corners) I have a nice bruised cut.  Since I couldn't hand sew, I kept busy quilting and working on machine sewing projects. 

I haven't any quilty pictures--but remember I said I was working with chicken breasts?  I was canning them--I had bought almost TWO coolers full.   Probably at least 50-55 pounds.  Why--they were on sale for $.88 @ lb (whole with bone and skin).  In the fall I usually can three large turkeys.  But these breasts were quite cheap so I canned them.  How much did I get?

Canned Chicken Breasts
35 packed pint jars.  I quickly pressure cooked the breasts one evening---then I set them outside in big pots on my deck--in a wooden box with a lid.  The box kept all the varmints away that might want to investigate the wonderful smells in those pots!  The next day I removed the fat (its cold here--the fat rose to the top overnight on the broth and solidified), cut the breasts up removing the skin and bones.  Packed my jars fairly tight and boiled the broth down to pour over the meat in jars.  I had added lots of chunked onion, carrots and celery with the leaves when I cooked the chicken.  No salt, no other seasoning.  I strained the broth--throwing away the veggies, they were pretty pathetic by then!

Why do I can meat??  Its easy.  It won't take up freezer space.  Laura Beth and Nick find it handy for those days when they come home from work, nothing is thawed out, and Mason is ready to chew on your leg--he's a 3 yo and he's hungry NOW!  Several casserole recipes on hand, and if all else fails--make chicken salad sandwiches!    Its one of those "emergency" foods we have on hand for when you get company unexpectedly and need to cook FAST!

We finished emptying the camper, had the dealer winterize it, and took it to storage late yesterday afternoon.  I'm always sad when I park it--but snow, freezing rain, and high winds were predicted--so its good its put away.  We missed most the storm--but its cold and I see tiny skiffs of snow outside. 

Tonight we have Thanksgiving at a nephew's--all I had to make was a salad.  Next week I am cooking Thanksgiving at Laura Beth and Nick's.   Tomorrow I have nothing planned, I'm going to spend it sewing!  


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

All those jars of canned chicken breast look wonderful. I wish we had deals on chicken like that around here. I ALMOST went to Neligh to get turkey for $.89 a lb. to can and boneless pork loin roast for $1.79 a lb. ALMOST. It would be so good canned too.

It's icy here today, but so far, no snow. It's fine with me if the snow holds off for a while longer.

Brenda said...

I have never canned meat before - and you did a fantastic job of it!! that is why I love the cooler weather (and when I had a deck out back...) It is a great place to cook off foods quickly and you can keep out things you don't want involved in that process!! I love it when it's winter, 'cause when I am making meals for my freezer, I set the pkg's outside while I am wokring on them and by the time I am done, the first ones are already 1/2 frozen (if not more!!) and really ready for the freezer!!!

We have the snow you are starting to get - heavy sigh - I am thinking it is going to be a while till string comes again! Although I am not complaing - this snow took it's own sweet time to get here and that I did not mind at all!!

Have a great Sunday, sit back and rest for a minute if you can!! You have been pretty busy this week!!!
Talk to you soon!

Stephanie D said...

I'd never heard of canning chicken before, but that makes a lot of sense! Especially if it prevents Mason from developing zombie tendencies!

Sounds to me like you need to get that knife sharpened so you don't have to push down so hard. And then wear armor on the other hand.

Mary-Kay said...

Mmmmm...... turkey dinner. I can smell it right now. I tihnk I'm a little hungry. You are the first person I have known to can chicken and turkey but it all sounds so good. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Suzanne said...

So smart not to fill up the freezer with meat that will thaw with the lose of power. Great idea!

Susan said...

You left out how nice it is to see the jars all lined up and showing that you did something! =)

I hope you aren't completely freezing. My Indiana friend said snow is on the way there this weekend, are you getting that same storm? It's going to be rain here.