Motivation Saturday

Saturday, August 4, 2012
Time to check in on my goals.
  1. sew Simply Solids together-nope
  2. more Merry Go Round blocks-nope
  3. sew more Trip Around the World rows together-nope
Did I do ANYTHING this week??  Yes, I started a new project!

My New Project
Yo yos!   A very portable project--perfect to pick up and take along.  Making yo-yos with a Clover Yo Yo maker is easy.  This size finishes at 45mm--or 1 3/4".   I have a whole shoebox of ugly unloved 5" charms I can use.  The circles are cut about 4.5" in diameter using the lid from a gallon pickle jar for a template.   So far I'm just making yo yos--I'm not sure what pattern I will set them in--but I know if I want something large enough to cover a queen size bed--that uses about 1,500 yo yos.  Not really that many--my bag has 200+ in it already. 

Henrietta humors me in this project, I'm sure she thinks I am quite insane.  But--then I find out SHE'S joined in.   And that magazine--I've found it!  ROFLMAO--not gonna happen!

Last night brought high winds, rain and a bit of hail.  Toni, Eddie and I take refuge in the Administrative building during storms.  While driving across the parking lot I was almost struck by the huge garbage dumpsters.  Luckily I saw them and hit the brakes--I was wondering how I would explain this to my insurance agent--hit and run by an unmanned dumpster??

Dumpsters--almost as big as my car!
These are big dumpsters--I can barely see over the lid.  Even the concrete curbing could not contain them in the high winds.

We knew the storm was coming--we had been watching the radar.  Hmmm--should I take a few things I wouldn't want to blow away in my car?  Yes--might be a good idea.  I packed my meds, my jewelry and purse, and--my featherweight!  Ken listened to my choices and then said "oh yes, the sewing machine would be my FIRST choice."  I think there was a little sarcasm in that comment.

If you had to pick a few items to put in your car to take to a storm shelter--what would you choose??


Nancy said...

Hit & run dumpsters - who would have thought!

I'd grab my meds, purse, knitting bag, computer, Kindle, and of course, my emergency bag in the front closet.

Henrietta said...


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Save that one for your memoirs...almost run down by hit & run dumpsters in Nebraska.

Let's see, what would I take? Purse, laptop & external hard drives, favorite quilts, genealogy stuff & pictures, important papers. My cats if I could round them up & get them in carriers.