Rainbow Scrap Challenge Saturday

Saturday, August 11, 2012
This month's color is jade/teal.   

3-36 patch blocks, 6 Spinner blocks, and a pile of 4 patches.  Thank you to SoScrappy for hosting this challenge.

All year I can hardly wait for these--

Tomatoes from my garden!  YUM!  Small but tasty.  The extreme and prolonged heat has been hard on them, I had hoped I would have extra to can but I doubt it.   Even with plenty of water the plants didn't blossom or set fruit much when it was so hot. 

And a picture from the Visitor Center---

Why is water being released through the spillway gates?   No, not flooding---extra water needed for navigation (barges).   Because of the drought the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers require extra water to maintain enough depth to float barges in the river channels.  (I think its 9 foot deep across a 30 foot channel--but I'll have to check)   How much water is being released--38,000 cubic feet per second--or 281,200 gallons per second.  

Remember the flood from last year?  This picture shows how high the river rose.  See the line across the sign and on the concrete?  

Its a beautiful day--I think I'll sit outside later and make--surprise---yo yos!!



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

The first three pictures in this post just say, "Summer." We won't mention the last one.

suzan almond said...

Beautiful happy blocks !

Edith said...

All your jade/teal blocks are looking lovely, you've been busy.

Elly D said...

I'm really loving seeing all the gorgeous aqua/teal blocks on the go. These are no exception. Beautiful!
Your tomatoes look yummy. Great pictures of the dam.

Nancy said...

Yummy, I love home-grown tomatoes. Enjoy!

LuAnn said...

Love your Scrap Challenge blocks. I have tomato envy looking at that photo. I won't have many either but am still waiting on the first one.

Pokey said...

Your aqua blocks are so pretty, and such a nice variety of them!
I have been blessed with tomatoes gifted from other's gardens, and oh, they sure have been yummy!
Enjoy the yo-yo making ~

scraphappy said...

Hope the tomatoes were tasty! Great collection of blocks! Hopefully there will be rain soon, they say it was the hottest July EVER.

Angie said...

Gorgeous aqua blocks - I especially like the Spinners - I have not seen that block before. Your tomatoes look yummy; I hope you get to enjoy a few more of them. Our tomato season was over a month ago. The drought effects us downriver, too. The most downriver parish (county) is worried the water level in the Mississippi will drop below their fresh water intake valves - meaning they will have to truck in water for home use!