Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Its been a busy week.  Ken and I are in MN visiting/babysitting for Laura Beth and Nick.  Yesterday I made a quick trip to River City Quilts for a bit of stash enhancing.  My yoyo project needed more fabric for the sashing yoyos.  

4 yards in--3 Thimbleberries and 1 Moda
Four yards in.  One yard cuts--all from the clearance table.  Three are Thimbleberries and one is a Moda.  Each yoyo sashing uses 20"--there is a little left over from each yard for my stash.  So my new numbers are--

Stash in this week--4 yards
Stash out this week--0 yards
Stash in YTD--71.5 yards
Stasn out YTD--89.5 yards

I'm ahead 18 yards!

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Karla and I went to the Hospital on Wednesday--its an in-patient facility for all sorts of illnesses.  She had her "Wheel of Bald Eagle Trivia" and a touch table of different animal pelts with their skull (plastic cast--not a real one) and a flip card with information and pictures of each one.  All the items are meant to be touched and held--good for patients that have developmental disabilities or maybe dementia.  We also had tattoos, stickers, and animal track stamps.  My favorite thing is to put the tattoos on--they are the temporary tattoos you apply with a wet paper towel.  Sheesh--the first one I tried to apply was a mess!  I finally realized the patients had sunscreen on--and it wouldn't allow the tattoo to stick!  

Karla and our Display Tables--we had hospital Staff to help us

Me with the pelts and a Staff helping me
It was a very nice morning--not too hot and a slight breeze.  Other displays were turtles, fish, frogs, toads and a salamander (yes--live ones from the Fish Hatchery and Aquarium).  They were planting seeds in cups, (I never did find out what they planted in them) and across from us they were making S'Mores.   

Not much sewing except for yoyos this week.  


Sara said...

i love River City Quilts and got to visit it on the bus trip. Glad you got to go there while in MN.

Your "critters" don't include anything that I would have wanted to touch, but I'm a big chicken when it comes to fur'less things.

Nancy said...

I know the displays and program were fun for the patients. Add tattoos, and the day is perfect!

Love your smile and red vest.