Week in Review

Friday, July 5, 2013
Another week has flown by!  Summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter.  The weather has been beautiful--I've spent my evenings sitting outside watching the birds at the feeder.  Watering my flowers.  Reading.  Sewing has been sporadic, but I did finish another yoyo block.   9 more and then I can begin sewing the blocks together.  

A few random pictures--

Karla received a long horn skull from a friend who raises longhorns.

Mason got a new bike--now the whole family goes bike riding together.


Sara said...

That is a happy face on Mason. He is obviously thrilled with his bike. Gotta love little kids' enthusiasm.

Nancy said...

The summer days are gliding by too fast.

Love the photo of Mason and his new bike: you'll seem to only blink and he'll be seated in his first car. Time flies. . . .

Katie Z. said...

Mason is so big!