Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, January 27, 2014
The yellow Irish chain is on the wall--

Several different colors of borders were auditioned.  Red, blue, dark blue, navy blue, black.  Green looked like it fit the best.  Red looked angry, the blues out of place, the black was too much contrast.  Yes, there are two different green fabrics, after sewing the first border on someone suggested that I needed to extend the green so the background setting square floating in the first border, well, just didn't look odd!!  Not enough of the first green so did my best to match them with another green from my stash.  Then a border of the focus fabric.  Thanks everyone for your help!  See everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

I finished making all the blocks for Trail Mix.

The little pile in the lower left is what was left over from my cut pieces.  I refolded all the civil war fabrics and put them back in the box.  Neater, but not appreciably less!

I'm not much of a soup eater.  But I did make this--

Peasant Soup!!  Polska kielbasa, white beans, onions, and kale cooked in chicken stock.  It was delicious and easy.  

Last week's goals didn't do so well.  Seven items, only two done.  

Weekly Goals--
  1. Piece a backing/ready a top for quilting
  2. Mt Hood blocks
  3. 30's blocks
  4. Machine sew binding on black/red quilt
  5. Summer at the Lake setting blocks
  6. Merry Go Round blocks
The Merry Go Round blocks need to be sewn together, I want to use the design wall for Trail Mix and the 30's blocks.  The weather is going to stay cold so its good sewing weather.  I'm tired of winter, 73 days until April 15th, I'm going to start counting down.  Most years its starting to warm up by then.  

A favorite spring memory--the smell of fresh dirt!  Do you have a special spring memory? 


Kathie said...

Love the way the quilt turned out and can't wait to see how trail mix turns out, love the name.

Spring memories - of course looking forward to the first day wearing flip flops. Of course can't wear those anymore but I remember how free I felt without real shoes.

Ramona said...

Your Irish Chain is beautiful. I love the green and yellow borders. Spring Memories.... new outfit for Easter and being so happy to be set free from the bulkiness of my winter coat and other "trappings"... I am tired of the cold, too!

Rhonda said...

Love your Chain quilt. The extra effort with the border colors really paid off in my opinion!!!!

Debbie said...

The soup looks great. I love your scrappy Irish Chain...and how you did the yellow throughout. Very Nice

Sara said...

I really like the green borders. Since it is supposed to be cold for a few days you'll get a ton of sewing done.

I sure hope we get an early spring. I never used to mind winter but as I'm getting older I'm liking it less.

Nancy said...

Nice job on the quilt. Green was a good choice for the border.

Spring smell? Lilacs!

Mary-Kay said...

First off, spring is warmth! It's chilly here and I can't wait for some warmer weather. Also I just love your Irish Chain. A great way to use up all those small squares of fabric.

straythreads said...

good choice on borders I like them really like the way you extended the white into the the first border Really finished the center instead of looking cut off. Stay warm!!Ann

Katie Z. said...

The peasant soup looks great!

My favorite spring smell is probably wet earth.

Laurie said...

Love the scrappy Irish chain (I have one in the works but the border has stopped me). Maybe I'll get it out this spring. Yours is inspiring me...but I must finish what is already on the wall. Your soup looks good, I love soup and it is definitely soup weather even here in Texas.

Sharon said...

Lovely scrappies! Soup! My DH used to say he didn't like soup, but did like thick stews. Your soup looks delicious!

Vic in NH said...

Your yellow Irish chain is really pretty! I hope that you have one more dark green to use as the binding. Your quilts always have such an original flair, nice work! The soup looks great, too.