Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 17, 2014
I have a finished quilt--

Its called "I Love Yellow" and its was a gift for our Grandson Mason who recently moved from a toddler bed to a twin size "big boy" bed.  Mason's favorite color is yellow (just in case you missed that).  No good place to take a picture, too windy and cold out that day to take an outside picture so Nick and Laura Beth held it up in front of the big window.  Stained glass effect.  I wanted a yellow wide flannel for backing but couldn't find any--not even on the internet.  So, with the encouragement of fellow Stashbuster Liz I dyed my own.  I ordered dye and a bolt of wide flannel from Dharma Trading Co.  They have great tutorials on their website.  I dyed using my top loading washer, it was easy but takes some time.  I cleaned my washer afterwards with spray Clorox and no problems.  I have more colors of dye and will definitely dye more backings.  I have to, I ordered a whole bolt of flannel!!  So next week I'll have different numbers for my stash report.  See everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

Last week's goals didn't do too bad.  I was able to quilt another top, make the binding and machine sew it to the front.  Hand sewing is left.  Finished I Love Yellow and made my pink album blocks.  Most of Summers at the Lake is sewn into rows.  

Weekly Goals-
  1. load/quilt another top
  2. Finish Summers at the Lake rows
  3. Sew binding on black/red quilt
I'd like to work on Trail Mix but I need a bigger design wall.  We'll see how far I get on Summers at the Lake, maybe if I get it put together I can put Trail Mix back up.  

Spring countdown is on, 57 days until April 15th.  I know Spring equinox is March 20th, but I think spring is when you might be able to think about planting seeds outside, or digging in the dirt.  Some years we are still having a late season blizzard in April.  I hope not this year!

Are you being tempted by seed catalogs?  Have you bought any seeds yet?  I'm planning ghetto greenhouses with Mason and Asher.  We'll grow something easy like marigolds and zinnias.  I've been saving plastic pop bottles and quart plastic milk jugs.  


Sara said...

You are very brave to try out the dyed flannel. Good for you! Did you have to wash the flannel first?

Ramona said...

How cool does your quilt look in front of the window!! I have never dyed any fabric before, but will remember that for future reference. And flannel on the back.... warm and cuddly!

Kathie said...

I would have never thought to dye my own backing, knowing me I would have made a total mess all over the house. Really like the I Love Yellow quilt, I am sure the grandson will also.

sewspeciallady said...

The yellow on this quilt is Awesome- Bright and cuddly. Nice to see it in real life on Sat- Great Job Lori and fun sewing

Nancy said...

Beautiful photo!

Mary-Kay said...

So did the yellow turn out exactly as you wanted or close enough? My friend always orders from that company and she says their dyes are great. Not like the stuff from Joanns. I might give dyeing fabric a try this summer. And the quilt is awesome as always! Before I forget, what colour was the flannel and is it specifically made for dyeing?

Cindy said...

Very nice!