Motivation Friday

Friday, July 17, 2015
Its been a busy week.  Lots of volunteering.  I found a little time to sew.  I'm working on a patriotic flag wall hanging--

Its from ScrapBoxQuilts blog--thanks Kat!  Next is to blanket stitch around the applique.

A favorite summer pastime is watching the birds at my camper.  There are all sorts of birds, but a favorite is the house wren.  Last year I made PVC birdhouses and a pair of bluebirds started building in it and then abandoned it.  I cleaned it out and a house wren pair is nesting in it.  The male sings all day flitting from perch to perch near the nest.  Sometimes he sits on the roof and leans over singing to the female inside.  How romantic!!  Toni and I checked the nest (its easy to do with these birdhouses) and inside are 4 eggs-

The birds are unafraid of me and I will pick up some meal worms for them.  

Its going to be a warm weekend, I'm either volunteering or going to stay inside and sew.  Are you sewing?  Vacationing?  



Tired Teacher said...

I have a meeting on Saturday, will do a bit of sewing and reading on Sunday, and a bit of traveling to a wedding next week. Life is good

sunny said...

I love watching birds, too! We're going in to a heat wave starting tomorrow, so I plan to stay indoors and sew. We went kayaking today before the heat and humidity got here. Hope you get a lot done!!