Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, December 7, 2015
This is hanging on my wall waiting for inspiration on quilting--

Its from the class I took at my guild's quilt show Halloween weekend.  Isn't it eye catching?  Too bad its only 20"x25"!!  Lorri2Rs finishing putting it together for me while she was here.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals

Quilt 2013 RSC 30's quilt
Finish Binding Galaxy of Friends
Bind Baby Animals 
Sew more of the R/W/B blocks into rows
2015 Quiltville mystery

That's enough to keep me busy.  Last night I made the binding for the guild kit top--its ready to quilt when I find a backing.  Made and sewed the binding on the Baby Animals quilt.  Loaded the 2013 RSC 30's top.  Now I need to fold fabric and put it back on the shelves.  

Remember this pic?  See the post it notes on the wall??

Information on the current projects being worked on are stuck to the wall behind the Princess.  Size of the top, size of the backing if it has one.  I leave them up these until the top is quilted and binding on.  I have the brain of a goldfish and would never remember any of this!  If you wonder where the 117" comes from, the wide backing I dye is 117" after washing.  If a top goes into the closet to wait its turn it gets this--

A note with its size pinned to the top and the binding is attached to the hanger.  No backing, there's no backing measurement written on the note.  I hate having to remeasure. 

Most our Christmas shopping is done.  Ken and I ventured out Saturday and we did "one stop shopping".  We bought almost all the grandson's presents at ONE store.  (And it wasn't Walmart!)  Toys were "buy one, get 50% off another".  If some items were cheaper at another store I DON'T CARE!!!  Buying everything at one store makes it easy for returns.  We don't buy $$$ presents or lots of them,  the boys are young enough its all great fun.  Remember when Asher got pillowcases a few weeks ago??  

Although it was a pillowcase it made a better potato sack to hop in!  Kinda like the box being the best part of a present!  Some presents are enjoyed in unexpected ways.

Cooking baking is planned, the ingredients were purchased.  Sour Cream Sugar cookies with frosting, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Haystacks, Buckeyes, Cherry Nut Slices and of course Ritz Crackers filled with peanut butter dipped in chocolate and White Clusters.  I love Mincemeat cookies but I'm the only one.  :-(

What is your holiday tradition? Do you have a favorite cookie to bake?  A special meal?  Do you play Christmas Carols???  



Tired Teacher said...

I start playing Christmas carols mid-November: I love the classic carols. My favorite cookie is an old icebox variety that my Mom called Sally Ann's. They are a little spicy and not too sweet.

Post-it notes are on my walls and pinned to quilts, too.

Katie Z. said...

I (gasp) haven't baked any cookies this year. I'm going to try to make something in the next week or so!

Sara said...

My girls expect my wreath cookies (a spritz cookie) every year and begin to ask if they are concerned that I might not have made them yet. I made 4 dozen last night. I'm not much of a baker but do make these every year. I also tried a cookie recipe made with pudding mix this year and did 8 dozen for our office staff cookie exchange. The cookies are ALL in the freezer so I can't eat them.

The other Christmas tradition is a new ornament each year and now I do one for each family plus one to give each grandchild. My mother started this and I carried it on.

Bonnie said...

Oh, I see myself reflected in your pre-quilting arrangements. I measure the quilt and pin a small note on it with the size. Also try to remember to do the backing. I too hate to remeasure tops/backings although I do way too frequently. I love how kids play so creatively. I sure hope they continue to do so.

Gayle Bong said...

Love emoyne stars. but why so tiny? Tiny quilts require tiny stitches be sure thread isn't to thick. Oh heck, you know this stuff already.
No favorite cookies to bake. Love them all! I quit baking. I eat too much of them raw!
I'm quilting to Christmas carols. Does that count???

ron said...

nice said...

very nice many-angled star! I think it will perfectly fit any nursery at your home! I'd like to order one, may I?