Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Are you thinking about next year?  I am!  I've even started a project--

Jacob's Ladder blocks with lime green HSTs. They will be part of my 2016 RSC.  I was influenced by seeing Vic's three finished quilts.

Vic's Three Jacob's Ladder Quilts
Aren't they lovely??  Its one of my favorite blocks and I'm using some 4 patches I made 3? 4? years ago for the RSC.  Any miscellaneous 4 patches I find go in a plastic Ziploc bag and I'm adding them to my Jacob's Ladder blocks.  Please see everyone's posts at SoScrappy.

In addition to the designated color blocks I made each month--I also made R/W/B blocks.  The Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks are a finished top--

A tight fit on the wall but I'm liking it.  The stash didn't have enough of a "dark" for a border and I was resigned to buying 2 yards.  (2 yards because I wanted the binding to be the same as the border).  I slept on it, and today I had one last place to look--Dee's box!  Dee in Nebraska had saved me a box of fabric from when she moved and cleaned her stash.  Yes, at the very bottom of the box was the border fabric!  Thanks Dee!  I think it goes perfectly with the blocks--

Dark navy, gray, silver, red, and white.  Now if I can just find some backing........

My design wall is empty--

Tomorrow I will find another set of blocks to cover it.  The empty wall is depressing! 

And because its Christmas and I LOVE Christmas a picture of our tree--

There are no lights on it--the needles are fiber optic and glow and change colors in waves.  I haven't seen one for sale in a store for years.  I have different red lights and snowman below it.  

In less than a week it will be Christmas.  There are presents to wrap and cookies to bake.  Are you ready for Christmas??



Tired Teacher said...

The Jacob's Ladder blocks are pretty, and the Churn Dash blocks look great with that paisley border. Well done.

Not a lot of Christmas things happening here.

Vic in NH said...

Thank you for directing some of your readers over to my blog for the Scrappy Jacob's Ladder reference here! The empty design wall is so full of potential, whee! Looking good on the Monkey Wrench borders, too.

Sara said...

Lovely tree - and I absolutely LOVE your idea to do Jacob's ladder blocks. Very pretty. I made a Halloween table topper this fall using 4 of those blocks. They are a fun one to do and the scrappy look is perfect for them.

I have some presents to wrap and one left to buy. My husband told me last week he wants a new electric razor. He is famous for buying himself things right before Christmas so I made him promise not to buy a razor. LOL He traded cars instead, so maybe that covers his Christmas present this year.

scraphappy said...

Those lime green bits really make your four patches pop. Jacob's Ladder is such a great scrappy quilt. Glad you are finding a way to put those four patches to good use.

gayle said...

I'd been admiring Vic's Jacob's Ladders, too. I hadn't been able to think of a way to do them for RSC, though - very clever of you to figure it out! Your quilt is going to be a stunner!
Can't wait to see what you put on the design wall next - I've been admiring your blocks all year long!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I LIKE that paisley border fabric....and the three Jacob's Ladder quilts are wonderful. Another quilt to add to the list? That list is already longer than I am tall. :) :)

Your Christmas tree is pretty...and to not have to string the lights on it is an added plus. I had, still have actually, a Santa with a fiber optic beard. Kinda cool, but it quit working.

I'm pretty much ready for Christmas...have the presents wrapped & under the tree and have everything I need for Christmas dinner. By the time the girls make their contributions we'll be ready. Been doing some cleaning & such every day, about ready to call that as ready as it's going to get too. :) :) :)

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I absolutely LOVE where you are heading next year!!! And... your Patriotic quilt turned out beautifully. SEW glad that you found a border fabric by shopping your stash!!

PaulaB quilts said...

A great start for the new year and such a good use for all those,four patches. I've never seen a tree like that, no strings,of lights to mess with. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Katie Z. said...

Your new blocks are quite lovely.

Our tree is up but not fully decorated. We'll finish Christmas Eve, I think. I haven't baked yet, but I hope to remedy that at least a little in the next few days.