Rainbow Scrappy Saturday-More Orange

Saturday, April 30, 2016
More orange Jacob's Ladder blocks--

5 Orange Jacob's Ladder

I love orange, there will be more blocks by next week.  Please see everyone's orange efforts at SoScrappy.

Time to check on my weekly goals--

Cozy Cabin blocks sewn to a flimsey--twosies are now foursies
Album Blocks sewn to a flimsey-YES
Orange Jacob's Ladder blocks-YES
Sew one more row on Bricks and Stepping Stones flimsey-YES
This weekend is more sewing, maybe borders on a top.  I just have to think what size etc to cut them.  The Cozy Cabin blocks are wonderful mindless sewing.  Pluck them off the design wall, sew, press, and pin them back up!  And I'm working on the 39 6" Barn Dance blocks.  Slow going because my backgrounds are scrappy neutrals.  Lots of little bits to cut/sew/press.  But I'm loving it, I love the blocks so I'm sure I'll love the quilt.
Rainy and cold again today.  All last week and probably most of this week.  41F with rain is cold!  Neighbors must be having problems with water in their basements--lots of hoses appearing to the road/storm drains.  We never have that problem, I think our house was well tiled when it was built.    



Ivani said...

I like your orange Jacob's blocks. Happy Scrappy weekend!

Sally Trude said...

Such an amazing range of oranges! And I'm wondering if you meant to break a rung in the ladder in the first top block?

Tired Teacher said...

Love your blocks!

It's been snowy and rainy here all week - Springtime in the Rockies.

scraphappy said...

Great blocks. So many different oranges.

Judy Smith said...

Love your Jacobs Ladder blocks. They will make a great quilt.

Katie Z. said...

I'm glad your basement is dry! Our old house leaked like a sieve, and I'm so grateful our current house stays dry.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Such variety in your ORANGE Jacob's Ladder blocks. Can't WAIT to see your Barn Dance blocks!! I only started the cutting. Sadly, no time for sewing on those right now.

Sara said...

Love those orange Jacobs Ladder blocks and can't wait to see how these will all come together. They will make a gorgeous quilt. Glad you've stayed dry. I'm kind of surprised that our sump hole is bone dry even after all this rain. In our previous house that sump pump would have been running non stop. And it sure felt good to see the sunshine today.