Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, May 30, 2016
Yesterday I worked on the next Double 4 Patch quilt, the 4 patches paired with 5" charms--

Lots of B/W 4 patches but also burgundy, gold, yellow, brown, red, green, and blue.  I need 126 pairs for a quilt.  They are ready for layout the next time I sew.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

I love planting and growing things.  

A picnic table does double duty as a base for my satellite, and a place for my plants.  Tomatoes, purple/white petunias, and yellow pansies.  The bottom pots are planted with morning glory, sweet peas, moon flowers, mallow, hollyhock, and other flowers.  Most are perennials but a few annuals.  My flower beds are planted with an assortment of flower seeds--I have great faith in planting seeds!  I still need to buy some flowers to put in my pots.  

A crock pot is a handy item, I have a small one for when its just me, today I set it outside to cook--french dip sandwiches.  

Why outside?  I only have so much counter space, and there is a plug in on the outside of my camper.  It does throw off a lot of heat and it can heat outside!  

Friday there was a package in my mailbox from Trudi.  I have never met Trudy--only through email.  This winter she was making wallets and offered to send me one.  I was speechless when I opened it--

Do you see all the pockets?  The credit card slots?  The zipper pocket?  The wonderful fabrics??  Check out the quilters on the front!!  I immediately emptied my old wallet and filled this one.  It holds everything, even my cell phone!  Trudi--Thank you so much!!!  Quilters are the best people!!

Weekly Goals-- 

Sew on Double 4 Patch
Bricks & Stepping Stones

That's it, that's all I have at the camper.  Its going to be a busy week.  




Nann said...

What a wonderful gift! Lots of handy pockets (and that clasp/grommet: those can be tricky to put in). The double four-patch/nickel looks promising. Hope you have a good week, Lori.

AnnieO said...

Wonderful blocks. I like your picnic table holding the satellite--hate those on all the roofs! Crock pot cooking happens in my garage at times :) That is definitely a WOW wallet.

Sara said...

What a clever little wallet and a generous friend. Can't wait to see how your blocks will come out.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That's a wonderful wallet! Life at the camper is good!!! Are you ready for some more thunder, lightning & rain? It's on its way. Just looked at the radar map on Accuweather.

Tired Teacher said...

Trudy did a great job on the wallet. I love all the pockets and slots.

Looks like you are settling in to your home away from home. Enjoy.