Design Wall Monay and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 6, 2016
Yesterday I sewed 4 patches to bricks--

120 matchsticks done.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Friday I met Lorri2Rs in Sioux Falls.  We stopped at the LQS--they had scrap bags.  We LOVE scrap bags!  Beautiful weather so we went to the park to open the scrap bags and pet all the fabric.

2Rs posed with our loot!  In one of my bags was a doll panel.  I passed that to 2Rs!

Another photo of my purchases--

See the chickens? I am planning a chicken quilt so finding more chickens was a good thing.  In one of the bags was R/W/B fabrics--

I have more at home and will make a quilt with them.  

Weekly Goals--

Sew Bricks & SS into threesies

That's all, I need to go home and bring back some stash.  We are still planting soybeans but there's been lots of rain so we're waiting to dry out.  

These two baskets were on sale at Lowe's--

Lantana--a peach and a bi-color.  The seedlings in flats had to be moved on top of the picnic table, baby bunnies were eating them!  I hope to get my garden in this week, its been too wet to till.  Tomatoes, a few summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  Just enough to eat fresh.  



Tired Teacher said...

I wish more shops would sell scrap bags - nine around here do. Love the fabrics you had in your bags: I know you will have fun playing with them.

mereth said...

Keryn and I did that yesterday! We found scrap bags at the op shop and came home to open them and sort it all out. I love buying new fabric, but scrap bags are just sooo exciting.
In Queensland lantana is a noxious weed and has taken over in some areas. It doesn't spread badly in our dry state, but it's practically unkillable, which is a good thing in the garden. Ours are very prickly though, not sure about the pretty modern ones that are being bred now.

Sara said...

You got some real goodies in those scrap bags! Good for you!

Love those 4 patches and bricks. I have some of these started using leftover "kid quilt" fabrics but not nearly enough for a quilt yet. Maybe those will come out of the UFO pile this summer for some progress.