Friday, June 16, 2017
A couple years ago I made and hung PVC bluebird houses near my camper.  I've had wrens nest in it, bluebirds in 2016, and bluebirds this year.  

I changed the plans a little.  I used a screw on end cap for the top and drilled a hole to put an eye bolt through.  A piece of plywood for a roof--I just drilled a hole in that too.  I left it white to reflect heat.  I glued wooden clothespins inside to help the birds climb out when they fledge.  There are ventilation holes drilled near the top, and drainage holes at the bottom.  The hole is the recommended size for bluebirds.  When checking nests you can put your hand over the exit holes (to prevent premature fledging) and unscrew the top and look in.  No post required, its out of the reach of most predators (eye height on me) and hung from a tree branch.  Bluebirds like to be on the edge of the woods overlooking meadows and open areas.  Its a pretty maintenance free bird house. 

There are four bluebirds in this nest, I think two males and two females.  If you look very carefully the males are starting to get blue feathers.   This site has great pictures as to stage of development and whether they are male or female.  I think there are two males and two females.   

My campsite has lots of birds--bluebirds, cardinals, orioles, purple and goldfinches, blue jays, red head and downy/hairy woodpeckers, cowbirds, catbirds, and many many more.  Unfortunately I have lots of raccoons and may have to declare war on them.  

~Lori in Nebraska~


Tired Teacher said...

Great post! I've never had success with bird houses on the farm or in town. Congratulations on being a successful landlord!

Quilty Constance said...

Cool birdhouse! We have made ours with cedar boards and a hinge to open from the front to clear it out. Like the PVC but I'll bet drilling that hole was difficult. I'll stick to cedar!

Susan said...

I must get mine up if it is not too late........... Bought it for six dollars at a local bank....... Still haven't put it up.........