The Week in Review

Friday, June 23, 2017
Its been a busy week.  The grandsons and their parents were camping near us.  On Saturday it rained just in time for supper so there were four adults, three little boys, and a kitten in our camper.  Three little boys covered up in our bed to watch a movie.  I forgot to check their feet, Max still had his shoes on.  Oh, what's a little mud!  When Ken and I pulled the sheets to wash them we found an Oreo.  

On Sunday we all had breakfast brunch together at a local restraurant and then everyone came back to our camper.  Great Grandpa Marvin entertained the boys with a story that started "when I was your age we lived in a house like this and we had two dogs....."  He was drawing pictures of the house and the dogs etc as he talked.

With movies, videos, and tv kids just don't see a person drawing on a piece of paper and telling a story.  So glad we got a photo of this.

Moustache the kitten found a quiet lap to sit on--

Hope your summer is going well. 

~LORI--in Nebraska~


Sara said...

The picture of the boys with great-grandpa is a treasure!

Tired Teacher said...

Great photos!