Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This week I finished the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. Full size, so probably about 13 yards??? And I bought 2.25 yds of 100" fleece for a backing, and 3 yards of 60" fleece for backing. Hmmm--and 1.5 yards of a black I needed to make some 4 patches. I've already cut up the black, so my recent purchases are going fast! If I wasn't so lazy today, I would load the 2nd Bricks and Stepping Stones with the wide fleece I bought so it would be ready to quilt. Oh well, I am sewing the 4 patches, I need those in the next few weeks.


Susan said...

I discovered that you are on 'no-reply' so I could not answer your email.

Judy really has our nose to the grindstone with this stash busting...VBG.

A top a month is nice but I would prefer a completed quilt a month. They are warmer.

Pat said...

lucky 13, eh? you're doing a great job.

me? I am heading in the wrong direstion after a little internet shopping :)