Favorite Quilt Books

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Becky asked what our favorite books were, and I have two. The first one is Two Color Quilts.
I enjoy the quilts in there, and have an Irish Chain started in blue and white. My other favorite book is Big Book of Best-Loved Quilt patterns. Lots of vintage patterns in both of them.
I spend a lot of time paging through these two books for ideas.

Tonight I assembled all my tossed salad blocks into a top, I will look at it again tomorrow, I think it needs a border or two. The pink heart quilt has it's binding sewn on, all that is left is the hand stitching. WooHoo!! I like this part of quilting, I find it very relaxing. And yes Julia, you can come and visit me and we can sew bindings by the dozens!!
Sweet Pea also asked about pictures of containers we use in our sewing rooms. Hmm--I will definitely say I have a basket fetish!

#1 has geometric scraps

#2 holds thread

#3 is a woven palm basket from Hawaii and holds orphan blocks

#4 is an egg basket holding a UFO

#5 is a flat basket that holds bobbins and things for my long arm

#6 is a little basket hanging on the wall that holds small cones of threads, clothespins, and sharpie markers.


Henrietta said...

Tossed Salad is basically a log cabin block but instead of cutting strips to exact length you make very long strips by joining shorter strips with a bias or 45 degree seam. Then chain feed blocks through. It is interesting to see what comes out as the strips are (or should be) joined randomly.

Lori has a picture of a pink tossed salad http://tiny.cc/rTvhg.

Pat said...

You are definately a 'baske junkie'. They all look great :)