Quack Quack!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

It rained some more. And some more. AND SOME MORE!!! It rained so much that our little town was flooded. We got over another 5 inches. There were canoes going down some of the streets. Sandbagging. Pumping. And I got wet. The water came up to the top of the first step outside, and well, that was higher than the window wells. So water trickled into our basement thru the closed windows. And there was no where for the water to drain to, the floor drains weren't draining. At least my basement slopes to the floor drains and the water headed to them. There is no carpeting in our basement, either tile or concrete, so I'm not too upset. Ken and I put everything up that was important, stuff was stacked on top of tables and chairs. What a mess. So today we were sorting out the wet stuff we were going to keep from the wet stuff we were tossing. We have two washers and they went non-stop. Tomorrow the dump will be open and we will be hauling away by the trailer full!! Now, the basement needed cleaning, but wasn't planning on doing it this way! Oh, it wasn't much water, maybe at most an inch, but it sure makes a mess. I may have to get another bottle of Mr. Clean to scrub the floor, I don't think one will do it.

Right now sewing motivation is at a standstill. I even was too tired to remember to take pictures earlier today when we drove around.


Becky said...

So sorry that your town is flooding. Hope that no one was injured. Hope that this experience is over. Farmers must be worried. My thoughts are with you.

Pat said...

What a drag that you and your town are flooded...hope everyone is safe!

Are the farmers worried about the crops? will they be okay? My thoughts and prayers are with you!

JuJu said...

Lori, sorry about the wet basement! We had a little water come in after 2 inch rain and storms last week. Farmers here have lost corps due to flooding. Some county roads are still closed. Small town NE hit by tornado are sill with out power. NE is getting it's fair share of storms this year.

SueR said...

You've had quite a time of it, and an inch in the basement might not be that bad, but it's bad enough! Every homeowner's nightmare, a flooded basement! Folks in other parts of the country wish they had that rain!