More Rain or I'm Buying Ducks!

Thursday, June 5, 2008
The heavens opened and it POURED today! The street drains were backed up and there were flash flood watches. (I find that particularly funny as where I live it's very flat, and the water usually just sits there!) It rained anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. Here, hmmm, my dad said 2.30".
The first picture is to the east of my house, in the neighbor's backyard. The second picture is to the west of my house, in the other neighbors yard. My rain gutter sticks out and you can see where the water goes. My yard is a little higher than either of theirs, I don't get ponds in my backyard.

I would have taken pictures of it raining, but it was just a white sheet out, it came down so fast. A few small hailstones, but nothing to do any damage. And it wasn't tornado weather, too cool, just lots of rain. Ken and I had been out checking our fields right before the rain, and somehow I think they are very wet now! I am thinking the plan will be to not plant soybeans, and instead put in winter wheat later on. (all you farmer people understand that-right??) I was watching the ducks swimming up and down last year's corn rows.

Well, I've had a nap and now I will quilt. After coffee!! Somehow rainy weather makes for good napping weather.


Henrietta said...

I hope Scruffy can swim!

JuJu said...

Lori, tornado 14 miles northwest of Lincoln last night!! We were in the basement for about 45 minutes last night, the warning whistles went off about 8:30. After all of that, we got 2 inches of rain. Water in the basement too. We are in another tornado watch tonight!!! I'll need to borrow those duck feet!!!

Stephanie D said...

Bet your neighbors are jealous! Those are some significant ponds there.

Becky said...

Send the rains our way! The bushes in our yard are looking very unhappy. I love napping during rainy weather. Hope you were able to quilt!